Woman Up! 4 Ways to use Feminine Energy to Soar

Woman Up! 4 Ways to use Feminine Energy to Soar

Woman Up and Soar! 4 Ways to Use Feminine Energy to Soar

"If a woman sits with folded hands in her lap for a few minutes every day, and feels she is a container so vast that she contains the whole Universe, she will never feel weak or have any problems. There is nothing beyond woman except God."  - Yogi Bhajan

Man or woman we all have the power to use feminine energy to soar high towards our goals and attain freedom. In the chakra system, this energy is called Shakti, and is defined as the activating energy and feminine principle. In other religions like Christianity this energy is akin to the Holy Spirit. This energy is warm, caring, protective, and full of movement and creativity. It’s an energy that not only flows through you but surrounds you. Like a tree rooted in the ground it is intent on nurturing, protecting, and reaching to the sun to fulfill it’s destiny. Without the conscious manifestation given to us by the grace of God, or the sun in the case of the tree, Shakti is nothing. However combined it is EVERYTHING.

Increase satisfaction, and allow yourself to evolve and grow by embracing this powerful energy force. Gaining direction towards your purpose, building confidence, and standing your ground is all possible using feminine energy and I will tell you how! Here are four ways to use feminine energy to soar!


Part of “Womaning Up” is transitioning from naivete to open curiosity. As we grow, life has a way of teaching us not to take everything at face value but taking this a step further and using a conscious approach to evaluating situations reduces dangerous vulnerabilities. Vulnerability is not in itself a bad thing, but it can impede our ability to evolve and grow. Taking a conscious approach to being more curious will invite flexibility into your perspective and decrease the likelihood of being duped or taken advantage of.

A major component of feminine energy or Shakti, is protection. Feminine energy nurtures but more importantly it protects what it nurtures. Being curious about the evolving financial landscape, career opportunities, or other people’s intentions requires accepting the ever shifting process of life. Stepping into womanhood requires shifting our childlike naivete into evolving curiosity that will not only keep you conscious but help protect you from harm. Some ways to enhance your ability to stay curious include:

  • Spending time in nature. Contemplate life energy (prana) and how it’s physical manifestation evolves within nature over the changing seasons. Be curious about changes and respect the dangers that exist in nature as well. Flexibility while maintaining preservation is a key component of feminine life energy.
  • Internal Reflection. Making a conscious effort to stay curious about your internal world helps to monitor how your changing states. Being curious about our reactions, emotions, and thoughts creates a sense of fluidity that allows us to flow through life. This flow protects us from harm and prevents the harms of static naivete.
  • Indulge your senses. One sure fire way to combat naivete is awakening. Create invigorating experiences that intrigue your senses. Try taking a bubble bath with essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender. Cook foods with careful attention to flavor. Listen to music that resonates with your soul.


Shakti also represents divine feminine creative power. Beyond creating life, the essence of female energy is driven to create what has never been before. Full of preservation and protection, feminine energy is compelled to blossom. However it is important to note, that this energy is powerless to create without the compliment of Shiva, which is consciousness. Combined with consciousness, feminine energy fulfills its purpose.

Unfortunately the society we live in often restricts our ability to live outside the box, and too often restricts our feminine energy with rules, roles, and expectations. This imposition of conformity to stale and many times oppressive ways of being simply kills creativity and evolution of consciousness. Here are some ways to nurture your creative energy and use it gain power and soar.

  • Create your own rules to life. Don’t base your life decisions on timelines and expectations from others. Instead look at what you want to create with your life and follow a path that allows you to organically flow with the grain of your purpose.
  • Live outside of the box. Take stock of relationship with various roles in your life and ask yourself are you being true to yourself. Are there any roles that feel inauthentic and stifle your ability to blossom?

Three: Oppressive Stagnation to Constant Flow

Many times we feel we need to be aggressive or emotionless to succeed in the workplace, and deny our more feminine qualities. Especially in our careers, men and women deny the feminine energy that is within us all, preferring to use more traditionally male ways of being and interacting to get ahead. However not using feminine energy or flow in your career is huge mistake.

Using Shakti to soar means going from feeling powerless to embracing the strength of activated energy. This can be done by tapping into a flow state and using that energy to succeed. Here are some ways to activate Shakti and the flow of prana throughout your day:

  • Get moving. Start your day with mindful movement that allows you to flow. I like to dedicate a portion of my morning yoga practice to open flow, without agenda just listening to my body and going through asanas in an intuitive way. Intuition and movement are powerful aspects of Shakti, as it forces us to practice validating what we feel and acting on that feeling.
  • Keep the energy going throughout the day. Taking micro breaks throughout the day has been proven to increase productivity, however according to high performance expert Brendon Burchard, it is much more beneficial during your break to partake in movement that incorporates feminine flow energy (i.e tai chi, progressive muscle relaxation, or yoga) than it is to do high intensity/testosterone driven movement (i.e sprinting, jumping jacks, push-ups). This is because flow energy contains your momentum instead of releasing all the energy you have built up in one burst.

FOUR: Diffused Awareness to Focused Consciousness

In many religions and philosophies, the discussion of the merging of consciousness and energy is explained in similar ways. In Christianity the merging of the God/The Father’s purpose with the the energy of the Holy Spirit teaches us to consciously live from our hearts, following the teachings of Jesus. In chakra philosophy similarly the merging of Shiva (consciousness) with Shakti (activating energy) merge together to honor our inner light that shines from our heart chakra.

Incorporating consciousness with feminine energy focuses our feminine energy on manifesting your divine purpose. Instead of diffusely taking all things in, streamline your consciousness to align with your purpose. This begets focus and discipline that fulfills your energy and directs your consciousness. Here are some ways to enhance focused consciousness using Shakti:

  • Balance your Shakti energy. Over identifying with Shakti energy can cause us to feel and sense everything however unable to channel our energy into something productive. Balance this energy by focusing on streamlined goals, and use your intuition and awareness to master a specific calling.
  • Let go of people pleasing. Along with the notion of balancing your Shakti energy is the idea of balancing who you nurture and protect. Make sure that your energy spent nurturing is equally spent nurturing and taking care of yourself as it is taking care of others. Stay conscious of your desire to please others and stay aware of your own needs as well.
  • Look at unconscious material. In an effort to push through, many times feminine energy can rely too much on intuition/feeling and must be balanced with maintaining consciousness and mindfulness. Hone your ability to not over identify with emotions, and find ways to process unconscious material like defenses or places of denial.

A conscious life requires embracing all parts of ourselves and working with our abundant energy source. You have the power within you to soar and truly align with your true purpose. Step up, or more appropriately I will say “Woman up and Soar”.


– Tiffany Shelton, M.A. is a psychotherapist and consciousness expert. Her passion to elevate consciousness goes beyond the message of self-care or wellness, but instead consciously adds to these movements by demanding awakening and insight. Learn more about Tiffany Shelton by clicking here.

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