3 Reasons Why Feeling Pain During Meditation Is Helpful!

3 Reasons Why Feeling Pain During Meditation Is Helpful!

3 Reasons Why Feeling Pain During Meditation Is Helpful!

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When our minds are pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”- Buddha

Let me guess, you have just begun your meditation practice, and it is not what you thought it is, nor what people said it would feel like. Do you have body aches such as knee pain, back pains, thought distractions, and sitting position problems! You never thought sitting while closing your eyes could be so tricky, right?

The truth is, the pain your suffering is helpful; want to know why?

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Reason 1. To ensure safety during meditation

One of the most common aches any beginning practitioner will encounter is knee pain, hip, or back pain. These pains are usually caused by improper sitting positions that put pressure on the wrong spots..

One way to get rid of this is by using our modern and practical meditation cushion,

It is advisable to meditate using a meditation cushion to protect yourself from future harm and ensure a pleasant and comfy meditation process.  to practice cautiously and consciously.

Reason 2. To be more human

It is a misconception that you must stop thinking when meditating or free your mind from having thoughts during meditation. You are human; indeed, you will have thoughts during meditation!


When you have thoughts, it merely signifies that your mind is awake, but this does not necessarily mean you must engage with the thought; you can acknowledge it and let it rise and fall just like you are breathing.

The purpose behind thinking while meditating (even if it is bring your attention to pain) is beneficial to you it's because this will enlighten you; in what way? Enlighten you to stay focus! To concentrate on your breathing and to be present.

Reason 3. To Understand the Process

One of the root causes of the pain and aches you're feeling comes from not having a sufficient understanding of the meditation process and not using proper tools during meditation.

Knowing and understanding the process and which tools to use will make your manifestation safe and successful.

Keep in mind that your meditation practice will be unique to you! For example, some practitioners are comfortable sitting in a lotus position while others aren't.

And that's okay!

It all depends on what suits you best. Before diving into meditation, you must first understand that the process of meditating is not just merely sitting and closing your eyes. You are dealing with your whole well-being during this process.

Having sufficient knowledge and understanding of the process is unique to you, will lessen the possibility of you having to deal with aches in the future because you will acknowledge pain with grace and adjust to make meditation work for you!


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