Steps to spending time with your soul to strengthen your inner being

Steps to spending time with your soul to strengthen your inner being

 Steps to Spending Time with Your Soul to Strengthen Your Inner Being

Words are but the shell; meditation is the kernel. – Bahya ibn Paquda

When everything is just a click away, it is easy for us to get lost in the array of things to do and lost track of what matters the most. Our soul is our core; it houses our true self, who we indeed are deep down, but most importantly, it reminds us that we are human. As much as we enjoy the job that we have, the family that we love, we must also take time to breathe and be grateful that we live in the moment. As much as we gave time in the physical world, we must never forget to come back and revisit the inner world. As much as we gave care on the outside, we must do the same on the inside. The outside is as important as the inside. That is why making time for your soul is essential.

When you learn to spend time with your soul, you will notice a greater sense of happiness, inner peace, and a stronger sense of self-love. The purpose of this article is for you to position your soul to find a place of strength within yourself.

Before we jump into the juicy benefits of spending time with your soul, did you know that you strengthen your impulse control and decrease muscle tension through meditation? Now that you know it, let's go ahead and jump into the juicy tips!

1: Write it down.

People take writing journals for granted often, given now that we can post what we feel and think through various online platforms as status. Writing can be a way for you to pose questions from your soul and write them down. You can also do this to the things you think had caused you to lack time with your soul. Writing can be your sense of comfort and relief in figuring out the time you should be spending with your soul. Believe it or not, writing can be your best friend; if you want to contemplate yourself and talk to yourself, you can express it through writing. No rules, no judgment. Just you and your thoughts.

2: Take Long Walks.

Walking does not only enhance your physical well-being; it is also a simple way for you to take a breather to find solace in the silence without feeling lonely. Feeling the fresh air against your skin and give your mind a break. One of the numerous benefits of walking is letting us stretch our muscles and allows our senses to take in new things, to see our surroundings from a different view.

Tip 3. Make time to be free

Sit and, for that moment, do nothing. I promise you it won't hurt. These are simple things in life that the majority of people of this age took for granted. We are so engrossed in finishing every work that we have; let me guess you can't sit still on a break because you're thinking of "I've got to finish it, I've got to finish it!". Chill! Did you know that sitting and doing nothing has benefits for your mind and body after long hours of work?. By sitting, you allow your brain to rest. By resting, you can function more in your next hours of work.

 4. Meditate

One of the best ways to spend time with your soul is to meditate. Meditation has numerous benefits, and there are no rules to follow. When you spend time meditating, all you must do is be comfortable and be yourself. Meditation is the best experience when you meditate using our meditation cushion, wherein you can sit comfortably and guaranteed no back pains after meditation.


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