Meet Conscious Life Ambassador Sarah Marie Nagel

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Sarah Marie Nagel

We're bursting with light to share some Conscious Life Ambassadors! We've partnered with some conscious leaders who are spreading some beautiful light. Our hope is that you find these folks as inspiring and insightful as we do. 

Up next is YouTube sensation Sarah Marie Nagel aka Holistic Habits 

Sarah Nagel


Why we love her

We found Sarah through her YouTube Channel, and we are so glad we did. Her videos are so helpful and offer conscious tips on natural living. With over 500K subscribers, we aren't the only ones that love her advice. Her videos are beautifully curated and designed and her calming voice is so soothing. Check out her channel for great advice on mindfulness, natural product reviews, and conscious advice on sleeping, skin care, and meditation.  

Her Are Our Top 3 Favorite Holistic Habits Videos




More About Sarah

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