Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Breann Schram

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Breann Schram

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Breann Schram

We're bursting with light to share some Conscious Life Ambassadors with you guys! We've partnered with some conscious leaders who are spreading some beautiful light. Our hope is that you find these folks as inspiring and insightful as we do. 

Next up in our ambassador showcase is Breann Schram!

Why we love her

We found Breann through her Instagram, and we're so inspired by her meditation hikes and positive social media presence. Her guided meditations and content will leave feeling rejuvenated in mind, body, and soul. She is the co founder of LightHouse, a multi-dimensional growth community based in Los Angeles, CA. Along with Audrie Segura, their LightHouse experiences empower individuals to live authentically, inspired, and heart-centered.

Words of wisdom

Not only is she a total muse, but she has a beautiful heart as well. We asked Breann some heart felt questions and we are happy to share her conscious life tips below!

Breann on Freedom 

"I feel most free in the moments when I am honoring my truth.  By showing up, taking ownership of my life and accepting myself just as I am—non-judgmentally and with compassion—I create a space for myself and others to live authentically, open and heart-centered.


    Her Advice on Conscious Living

    "Living a conscious life is so incredibly fulfilling.  My best advice is:

    Let gratitude guide your thoughts and actions

    I like to begin and end each day with a grateful heart by filling out my daily gratitude journal. In doing this, I train my mind to focus on the people, experiences and things that bring me the most joy in life.  As a result, my perspective on life and how I want to live has changed drastically over the years.  I am more introspective, empathetic, patient, compassionate, kind and accepting of mySelf and others.  

    Let Go

    This is a very simple statement for a technique that, at times, is seemingly impossible.  However, letting go of what no longer serves us is so important for our evolution as human beings.  When we let go of attachments to unhealthy thoughts, emotions, romantic relationships, friendships, habits, materialism, and so on...we surrender our desire to control so much our lives.  One of the best books I have read that is both deeply informative and encouraging of the letting go technique is, "Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender" by David R. Hawkins.  I consider this book to be a life-changing read, as it was the catalyst to my process of fully surrendering to the Universe.  The moment I stopped resisting and chose to surrender, everything in my life began to fall into place!

    Cultivate a self-love unlike any love you thought to be possible

    Self-love is the basis of our connection to the world around us.  We cannot truly love another until we love ourselves.  That sounds so cliche, but it's so true.  The way we view ourSelves is the way we view others.  This is why it's so important that we be mindful of the thoughts we choose to accept as "truth" and the words we choose to speak to ourSelves.  

    Until last year, I had no idea that I had struggled with the ability to love my Self.  It wasn't until I received a reading from a psychic that I realized this was an issue for me.  During the reading, she said, "Your grandmother comes to you in the form a bird and she's very concerned with your emotional well-being".  At the time, I did not know what she was talking about, so I asked for clarity.  She responded, "You really need to be aware of your negative Self-talk".  Still, the message wasn't clicking for me.  So, I asked her to expound on that statement.  She then said, "Okay!  Why do you think no one will love you if you are not perfect?"  I was left with nothing to say.  I quickly realized that up until that moment in my life, the belief that "no one will love me if I am not perfect" was something I accepted as my truth.  I was constantly striving for perfection.  I always told myself that I had to do more, be more, and achieve more.  I was never satisfied or happy with where I was.  I thought that a perfectionist mindset was a positive thing.  It wasn't until I took a moment to sit quietly with myself that I fully understood how this mindset was so damaging.  

    Beginning that day, March 8th, 2016, I made the choice to be compassionate, loving and kind to mySelf.  I chose to only speak to mySelf using words of love.  I chose to accept the the parts of me that I once thought were unlovable.  I chose to use positive affirmations to guide mySelf into the direction of my truth.  Positive affirmations are SO powerful!  I speak them daily.  And, if a negative thought about mySelf pops into my head, I choose to recognize it, observe it and then let it go.

    I want to share something that I just recently began saying to mySelf, in hopes that it will make you feel as happy as it makes me.  Look into the mirror and say this to yourSelf once each day.  Then, mindfully pay attention to the thoughts, emotions and sensations you experience after. 

    "I promise to love every aspect of mySelf, just as I am, in this moment in time. I AM WORTHY. I AM WHOLE. I AM ENOUGH."

    Be mindfully present 

    Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are expected to be "instantly available" and "always-on".  As a result, we often go through our days on auto-pilot—checking off task-after-task on a never-ending "to-do" list.  Since I have begun practicing mindfulness, my life has made a complete 180°-turn for the better.  I find enjoyment in the simplest of things: mindfully taking a walk on a tree-lined street, mindfully eating one single raisin, mindfully listening to a friend in need and mindfully breathing.  All of the things I normally rush through just to check it off of my "to-do" list and move onto the next task, I try to be mindfully present for now.  Life is truly so beautiful when we take the time slow down and pay attention, non-judgmentally and on purpose. 

    Why She Started Her Hike + Meditation Events

    My business partner, Audrie, I wanted to create a community of inspiring, positive, and supportive individuals that encouraged and nourished multi-dimensional growth. We both love to be outside in nature, believe that human connection is a vital component of our well-being and know that meditation is an essential tool for living your best life. So, we thought it would be a great idea to combine these three components into one experience that allows people to connect with nature on a hike, connect with others in a group setting and connect with themSelves through meditation. Our Hike + Meditation experiences began in March of this year and we are so grateful for how much we've grown as a community since then. With such positive feedback and responses from everyone we have been able to host, we know that this is just the beginning of something that has proven to be pure magic!

    In addition to hosting our Hike + Meditation experiences, Audrie and I have just launched the website, YouTube channel and Instagram for our mindfulness-based company, LIGHTHOUSƎ.

    LIGHTHOUSƎ is a multi-dimensional growth community based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Breann Schram and Audrie Segura in 2016, LIGHTHOUSƎ's mission is to provide the essential tools and experiences to cultivate a balanced life. Predicated on four key pillars—meditation and yoga, human connection, lifelong learning and organic nourishment—LIGHTHOUSƎ empowers individuals to live authentically, inspired and heart-centered.

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