Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Crystal Jones

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Crystal Jones

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Crystal Jones 

We're bursting with light to share some Conscious Life Ambassadors! We've partnered with some conscious leaders who are spreading some beautiful light. Our hope is that you find these folks as inspiring and insightful as we do. 

Dr. Crystal Jones

Why We Love Her

Dr. Jones' work and social presence brings conscious healing to the forefront in medical and and spiritual conversations.  A thought leader in the spiritual realm, Dr. Jones' message carries with it a freshness and authenticity at a time when we seem to need it most. We love her efforts to share her wisdom and create a paradigm shift that moves us towards wholeness (mind, body, and spirit). 

Words of Wisdom

We are in a time and space right now where people have tried everything. They’ve been to every doctor, they’ve done every treatment, they’ve hired every coach, and used every yoga class to escape. What they really want is to heal. And it’s time to train the industry to be able to facilitate that - to meet actual needs. People want to be heard. People want to heal. The industry owes them that.” — Dr. Crystal Jones

Her Meditation Journey

I started meditating heavily when I started private practice. It was how I stayed centered enough to relate to Spirit manifested in everything around me. Meditating allowed me to get into my body enough to expand my breath and consciousness.

Presencing, visualization and visioning are my favorite ways to explore meditation regularly. The practice has really opened me up to dynamic stillness. It’s a great joy to facilitate this practice with others. 

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More About Dr. Jones

Taken from her website at:

I am a voice + activist for effective intra- and interpersonal communication in the healthcare, spiritual practice and wellness industries. 

I believe that facilitators should: hear first, listen second, and if/when asked, offer third. I know that there is no real training in that. Most have only been taught to perform.

I believe that humans must learn how to ask for what they need.

My particular focus drives me to:

 lead global conversations on conscious, responsibility driven healing,

facilitate the connection of people with their narrative in intentional ways to hear the message of their bodies using accessible tools to evolve it as needed, and

train medical/alternative doctors, chiropractors, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers etc. in effective communication - as this honors the integrity of the healing process.

This work is centered around

effective communication,

acknowledging and elevating core narratives that contribute to dis-ease and

the foundational work of consciously imprinting on the subconscious to move with integrity through destructive cycles.


I AM a vocal change agent, advisor and multifaceted healing facilitator.

Spiritual Director + Lead Facilitator, The Sanctuary





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