Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Kristian Henderson

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Kristian Henderson

Meet Conscious Life Shop Ambassador Dr. Kristian Henderson 

We're bursting with light to share some Conscious Life Ambassadors! We've partnered with some conscious leaders who are spreading some beautiful light. Our hope is that you find these folks as inspiring and insightful as we do. 

Kicking off our ambassador showcase month is Dr. Kristian Henderson. 


Why we love her

We found Dr. Kristian through her Instagram, and we are so glad we did. She offers inspirational content and encourages us all to live our happiest lives. She is a leading woman of color in the wellness movement, and her events bring conscious living to all. 

Words of wisdom

Q: What makes your soul happy?

A: "Teaching is a large source of my happiness. No matter if I am teaching my public health students or teaching yoga, the process of helping someone learn something new fills me with joy (although it can be draining at times.) But what really makes my soul happy, is teaching Black women how to find happiness. Helping them to live authentic, set boundaries, and invest in themselves really sets my soul on fire." 

Q: When do you experience freedom the most?

A: "I draw energy and motivation from high energy people. So connecting with family and friends helps me feel free. I know the importance of close relationships for happiness. My career is no longer my number one priority, the people in my life are my priority. So this means picking up the phone, supporting a friends business, making an effort to visit, and remembering Birthdays. Sometimes the little things are hr most important things."

Q: What advice can you give on how to live a conscious life?

A: "Self-care is a major key to living a happy conscious life. For me self-care is setting healthy boundaries, learning when to say no, investing in myself, and my monthly massages and pedicures. Also, When I'm eating healthy and working out consistently, I feel my happiest. Cutting out meat, doing yoga daily, an occasional juice cleanse, and being plant-based really boosts my happiness. I still indulge in an occasional chocolate chip cookie, but I feel much better when I treat my body good. Lastly, minimalism has been a big key to my happiness. I'm learning to need things less, to only keep things that spark my joy, and to put more value in experiences than things."

More About Dr. Kristian

Here's her bio: 

"I am a Public Health Professor, believer in #BlackGirlMagic, and committed to all things wellness and self-love.  I embody the passion, fearlessness, and uniqueness that fuels my generation.  I received my Bachelor's degree from Yale and my Doctorate degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. I blend my academic knowledge, creativity, and unconventional philosophy to promote healthy, happy, and free lifestyles.

No day is the same, from teaching public health at George Washington to leading yoga classes to mentoring entrepreneurs. I am redefining success and helping others do the same." 

Find out more about her here:

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