Top 5 Hand Positions You Should Use During Meditation

Top 5 hand positions you should use during meditation

“One conscious breath in and out is a meditation.” - Eckhart Tolle




Have you ever wondered why people use different hand positions while they meditate? These hand positions are what they called Mudras, these are holy hand signs that aid in reaching a greater meditation experience. 

 In this article, we will go further on what are Mudra hand positions and how to apply these hand positions best and properly to attain the best meditation process. After reading this article surely, you’ll no longer have to marvel at why people used different hand positions instead you’ll be able to apply those hand positions in your meditation. 

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Tip 1: Anjali Mudra


Though this is used in Meditation, many Asian countries used this hand position in greeting.  Sit or stand straight, while stretching your back bring your palms together at the level of your heart. The key is to make sure that your palms are completely on top of each other and are pointing upwards.  The explanation behind this is that the name Anjali in Sanskrit means “address” or “offer”. The combined palms of creating of your hands help create a sensation of balance between the mind and the body. Though it is common in many religious sectors to use this hand position as a sign of their belief, it is not interpreted like that in meditation. It is important meditation to keep an open mind, meditation just like yoga are both practices that do not need to be interpreted religiously but instead it is a practice that accomplishes to bring about the wellbeing of the people practicing it. 

Tip 2: Chin Mudra  

This gesture improves your overall state of mind, it will help you calm your mind and your thoughts. That is why this hand gesture is called a gesture of consciousness. How to go about this gesture? Simple. turn your hands, where the palm of your hand is facing down. The tip of your index finger, touch the tip of your thumb, and by that form a circle while leaving the rest of your fingers stretched out. It’s known that by using this mudra you will be able to feel the connection of the earth when you meditate. By using this hand position during your meditation process, it will help you bring into your life the feeling of connectedness, modesty, and simplicity. 

Tip 3: Yoni Mudra

This hand position stands for stress reduction. This aids the user in dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety it also keeps the nervous system balance and in check, furthermore, it helps the mind to calm down and rejuvenate. The proper way of executing this hand position is to place your thumbs and index fingers on top of each other to form a triangle shape, after which point the index fingers downwards and fold the other fingers at an angle. In Sanskrit, the word Yoni means “uterus” or “womb”. This is because like the baby in the womb who is not affected by the stress of the world, yoni mudra protects its user in a similar way a womb does to the unborn child. In simple terms, yoni mudra offers relief.

Tip 4: Gyan Mudra  

This type of Mudra is well-known to the meditation practitioner’s society. The distinctiveness of this hand position aside from the pose itself is that breathing becomes a part of the hand position. In a way, this hand position is like the Chin but with the palm upside down. It is vital to stretch your thumb out and not bend it. You can properly execute this hand position by sitting down and place the outside part of your hand on your knees. Like any mudra this mudra has its name derivation in Sanskrit, in Sanskrit Gyan means “consciousness”, “wisdom” and “knowledge”. By using this hand position, you will be able to enhance your concentration and sharpens your memory as well. Mental benefits aside, it is also widely believed that using this hand position will enhance your physical well being as well. Also do not forget that by using a meditation cushion the chance of performing meditation will be a lot easier and comforting! Check out our meditation cushions now!



Tip 5: Dhyana Mudra

Dhyana Mudra is by far one of the best-known meditation hand positions not only among practitioners but also those who are interested in starting meditation. To perform this hand position at best one must first sit. Then place your right hand into the palm of your left hand, after which place both hands in your lap. The key is to make sure that the tips of your thumbs touch and at the same time, it is relaxed. The goal of this hand position is to shepherd the practitioner into a calming and deep state of concentration. This gesture establishes a balance between your mind and body as you meditate and like any other mudra where their name has it's deep derivation, Dhyana has to, as it stands for balance and equilibrium. One of the many benefits that Dhyana offers aside from balance and equilibrium is it ensures mindfulness, reduces stress, improves concentration and memory as well as relieves anger, and assists in fighting and eliminating depression. 

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