How to Organize Your Life: Creating Routines

How to Organize Your Life: Creating Routines

How to Organize Your Life: Creating Routines

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!

Feel like your life is a bit of a mess? If you’re feeling a bit scattered this episode will teach you how to go from all over the place to feeling organized and focused.

By the end of this episode, you will know how to use routines to organize your life so you can feel more focused and achieve more.

I know firsthand that organizing my life in this way has helped me do more with less time, not to mention feel more at peace in my everyday life.

how to organize your life: creating routines

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Like many ambitious and creative women, I struggle with taming the mess that my many passions cause in my life. If I’m not careful, I can easily look up to see chaos in my life instead of the peace I so desperately crave. 

Between juggling all the things in life, like being a mom, a wife, and career woman, it can sometimes feel hard to keep up with everything you want to do in life and unfortunately without a system, things slip between the cracks. 

And I believe you shouldn’t have to compromise or let go of goals just because life is busy. You deserve to live an organized and peaceful life with pride that you are showing up in a way that matters to YOU!

For me the system that I am about to share with you is about having a bird’s eye, organized view of your life and the structure that you would like to create for it. This alone can help you feel more organized in life and more empowered to follow through with everything you want to do. I do want to credit the channel The Organized Money, where I got the idea and inspiration for this video!

This system is made from a collection of routines. And if your inner free spirit child cringes when you hear the word routine, I’ll have you know that routines have been shown to have many positive side effects like reducing anxiety and stress. A recent Headspace article had this to say about routines: 

“Career coach and writer Marty Nemko points out another soothing effect: a routine is “something you know you can do well,” he tells me, which can be comforting during tough times: “Modern life, increasingly defined by unpredictability, can be anxiety-provoking, and routines provide an anchor of predictability.”

So let’s dive into how to organize your life using routines that you can actually stick to!

    ONE: Start with your intentions, values, and goals. Assess these within each life domain and determine what is most meaningful to you in life right now.

    Here are the life domains and categories that I currently consider:

    • Motherhood
    • Wife Life
    • Manifestation Mindset
    • Corporate Life
    • Entrepreneur LIfe
    • Self-Care
    • Spirituality
    • Social Media
    • Hero content (Podcast/Youtube Videos
    • Home Maintenence
    • Social
    • Health
    • Finances
    • Personal Development

    TWO: Decide what habits support your intentions, values, and goals. 

    For example here are some of the habits I have under motherhood:

    • Support the kids developmentally with age-appropriate play
    • Health meal planning
    • Give the kids a vitamin daily
    • Facetime with kids and family weekly
    • Gentle parenting and discipline daily
    • Wash the kids hair weekly
    • Donate their old clothes each quarter

    Be sure to listen to the podcast or watch this week’s video to get the details on all my habits

    THREE: Integrate these habits into routines. To give you guys an idea of how to do this, here are all my routine categories:

    You can follow along and do this for yourself in the free printable I have for you, HABITS + ROUTINES ORGANIZER: LINK

    • Weekend Routine
    • Meal Planning and Prep Routine
    • Morning Routine
    • Evening Routine
    • Skincare Routine
    • Cleaning Routine
    • Kids Development Routine
    • Social Media Routine
    • Youtube Routine
    • Corporate Routine
    • Business Routine

    Again be sure to watch the Youtube video for a detailed look at my process.


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          I hope these tips help you in your process of creating routines & organizing your life. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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