6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

 6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

You set your big goals and you’re showing up and showing out as you try to achieve them… But what happens when the journey gets tough and you start losing hope in achieving your dream?  I want to share with you how to keep hope alive and stay faithful along the journey to manifesting big things. 


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I know first hand that along the journey to trying to achieve big things there are challenges that shake your ability to fully believe in what yo want. Disappointment can take you to a dark place that can have you feeling like what you want to achieve will never happen. The key is to fill your mindset toolbox with strategies that will help you through these dark times and bring yourself back to feeling hopeful and fully expecting your dreams to come true. 

 6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

You deserve everything you set out for, and I want to make sure you have the tools to not let anything get in your way.


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 6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

Ok, now that I let you know that, let’s focus on how to keep hope alive when manifesting goals. 


There’s a powerful quote by GIft Gugu Mona that says, “A woman of faith is never intimidated by what is happening around her. She knows that beyond her belief, lies many breakthroughs.”


Look, I think anytime we set out to achieve something big, we likely have a vision of how we would like it pan out. And no matter how well you try to plan for what might get in the way, the unexpected has a way of being .. well.. unexpected. 


Sometimes what’s unexpected is a hardship, a perceived failure, or a longer than expected timeline. Sometimes it’s all three. 


When I set out to launch my planner on Kickstarter, I envisioned hitting it out the park on the first try. I envisioned all my efforts paying off and people valuing the planner as much as I did. 


The reality is the project did not start off with the bang I expected, and I found myself feeling everything from disappointment to embarrassment to even shame. 


In processing all the emotions that came with this disappointment, I realized it was my faith that needed a tune up. I needed to do the work to make sure I kept hope alive so I can keep moving forward in my dream to create a successful planner company. I know I have a system that can help other ambitious women. I know people value my design aesthetic. It’s important that I remain hopeful in my journey to manifest this a successful business so that tough challenges and disappointments like these don’t cause me to give up. So I put into practice what I preach. I deeply leaned into the process of heightening my faith.


And one of the things I had to remember was the ultimate goal, and know that I am the one to define my success. Success isn’t a funded Kickstarter, success is creating a planner that I can prove there is demand for and actually solves a problem for ambitious women. It’s about building a healthy company with real impact. One project can’t stop that. This project was is just a stepping stone, a lesson, a needed challenge to shape me into who I need to be to manifest what I want.


And ironically, I shared with you all before I have been receiving signs since I started dreaming of creating this planner which is to be faithful, and to have the faith of the mustard seed. And I am taking this sign from God seriously and leaning into being faithful that my dream will come true. 


So I wanted to share with you how I am stepping into my faith, right here in the moment.


ONE: Expect Your Blessing

  • There will be feelings of hopelessness as you face disappointments and challenges but you have to do the conscious work to realign with expecting to achieve your goal. Whether it’s a matter of time, grace, or hard work. You will get there. If there is something causing you to doubt that it will happen, then I want you to use some of the other tips I’m gonna mention but just know that the goal is simply expect to achieve your goal. That will feed your faith


TWO: Ok the second tip I have for increasing your faith when goal getting is to reframe failure. Some of you might be out there thinking you failed because you aren’t defining it correctly. Because you aren’t defining success correctly. The truth of the matter is there’s no such thing as failure. There’s only success and learning lessons. If you don’t give up you can’t fail. 


This leads to how are you defining success. If you are trying to have a baby, is success getting pregnant or is success growing your family by any means necessary. If you’re trying to build a business, is success a 6 figure launch or a long term profitable business? 


I mean do I have to pull out my favorite Oprah quote, “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness."


So remember, no matter what you are going through, as long as you’re breathing and you’re still willing to try, your success is still on its way. 


If you are hearing me right now please take this as a sign to keep going and don’t allow your hope to be crushed by the false perception of failure. There is no such thing if you are willing to keep trying. 


THREE: Ok the third thing I want to remind you of to keep faith is to lean into persevering with hope. So as you try again, know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Not to say that there will never be any weapons but none that can stop your determination, especially if you are open to receiving your blessing in any way that God sees fit. Remember that manifestation is a co-creation process. 

 6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals

Four: Which leads me to my fourth way to keep hope alive when manifesting goals, which is to let go of trying to control the journey. Know that your ultimate blessing is coming but the route and the lessons to get there may look different than expected. Be open to lessons that come with the bumps in the road and also be open to alternate routes. 


FIVE: Ok, for number 5, I want to offer something practical to keep hope alive. Any easy technique to increase your fatih and maintain your hope is to inoculate your mind and Spirit with faith feeding food. For me this means watching sermons from my favorite pastors like TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes, Joel Olsteen or listening to motivational speeches from my faves like Oprah, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn. It means rereading my favorite manifestation authors like Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, or Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith or reading my favorite mindfulness experts like Thich Nhat Hahn and Dr. Rick Hanson. It means taking more time with my devotional and longer meditations. Whatever you have to do to create an energetic field of hope in your mindset will help you more easily tap into your faith. 


SIX: And finally, my #6 tip for keeping hope alive and increasing your faith in your dreams is to take actions that support your faith foundation. Here are a few ideas of aligned actions you could consider taking:

  • Daily faith devotional or prayer journal
  • Create a focus wheel to read daily
  • Commune with faithful people
  • Thought records for negative core beliefs
  • Tackle Overwhelm:


So those are my 6 ways to keep hope alive when goal getting that I truly hope help you on your journey to manifesting your dreams.


I would love to end this episode by offering an intention for you this week: 

As you face bumps in the road on your life journey, may you keep faith that blessings with your name on it are just around the corner. Cheers to planning, manifesting, and enjoying your dream life. 


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 6 Ways To Keep Hope Alive When Manifesting Goals
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