Goal Series Part 2: How I Achieve My Goals with My Modern Aesthetic Planner

Goal Series Part 2: How I Achieve My Goals with My Modern Aesthetic Planner

Goal Series Part 2: How I Achieve My Goals with My Modern Aesthetic Planner

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!


 Goal Series Part 2: How I Achieve My Goals with My Modern Aesthetic Planner 

Are you frustrated with your progress towards your goals as we approach mid-year? Tune into this week’s episode to learn how to go from frustrated to accomplished!

By the end of this blog post, you will know my formula for how I achieve goals so you can achieve your goals faster and easier.

This system has truly helped me get my life together and more fully practice what I preach and what I know about accomplishing goals. Because it’s one thing to know how to accomplish your goals and it’s quite another to know how to implement that knowledge consistently. 


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Since we are approaching mid-year, I decided to make a series on goal-setting to keep us on track with manifesting our yearly goals.

Today’s episode is part 2, How I achieve my goals with my modern aesthtic planner.

As we work towards our goals, sometimes we can get frustrated that we haven’t accomplished them yet. We become impatient, unmotivated or distracted on that journey to making our dreams a reality.

But I want to share a game-changer with you that will help you stay focused and motivated on that journey to getting what you want:

If it hasn’t manifested yet, God’s answer is either:

- not right now. or;

- not this way.

If God’s answer is “not right now”, your work is to get about the work of figuring out what “your now” is here for.

What are you supposed to be learning? How are you supposed to be growing?

If God’s answer is “not this way”, your work is to get about accepting and being open to new ways.

To be open to alternative routes to your destination, … to let go of the process.

So as we work to achieve goals, we should be focusing on three things: 

  1. Evolving in the face of adversity, 
  2. letting go of what you can’t control, 
  3. and going hard on what you can.

Think of it as a flower seed growing, allowing, and thriving as it reaches for its highest potential.

It is growing in the face of challenges and adversity. It is allowing the environment and the Universe to play its part in the process, and it is thriving as it reaches for the sun.

The way I use my planner helps me do all three of these things – growing, allowing, and thriving: 

  1. It helps me do the conscious work to grow and evolve, 
  2. it helps me let go of control and allow by overcoming limiting beliefs, 
  3. and it helps me go hard on what I can by taking strategic aligned action and efficiently going hard on what I can control.

I’m going to share the entire formula with you today, and if you want this actual planner to easily apply this formula just head to signup.modambition.com or if it’s after we launch, just go to modambition.com.

Okay let’s jump into this formula!

So for each of these 3 parts “evolve, allow, and thrive”, you will ask yourself a question and use your planner to implement the knowledge.

This will help you reach your goals faster and easier because the implementation will help you grow faster which will help you succeed faster. Using your planner this way will also help you have the right mindset to persevere which will help you stay on track with achieving your goals.

And lastly, these planning techniques will help you increase productivity to be more efficient at doing what you can in the process to achieving these goals.

ONE: Evolving and Growing

"What is my current  situation sent here to teach me? How do I need to evolve to become the version of myself that achieves my goals?"

modern aesthetic planner

TWO: Allowing

"What part of my journey am I trying to control?"

EXAMPLE: Do you want to be a mother or do you want to be pregnant? Can you redefine the pregnancy experience if that's what the Universe is calling for?

  • The planner even includes tools in the goal setting workbook to increase your faith that your goals will become a reality. This type of belief in what you want will make it easier to allow the process to unfold instead of trying to control it.

  • It also has the practicality of keeping you focused on what you can control (and in turn letting go of what you can’t) with quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning.

THREE: Thriving

"Am I doing everything I can to make this a reality? And if so, can I do these things more productively?

When I say go hard on what you can control, I don’t mean burn yourself out. I mean strategically putting forth efforts in a streamlined way that preserves your joy and peace of mind.

I truly believe you deserve to enjoy the journey to making your dreams a reality because as I like to say, “Your dreams won’t make you happy, but being happy will manifest your dreams.”

The way this modAmbition planner helps you go hard with joy is all about focused effort that is practical and strategic. So the planner walks you how to actually make smart goals. It includes habit tracking, and prioritizing.

And I even plan to continue supporting everyone that gets the planner with monthly live sessions to support you along the way and keep you motivated.

So again, this is a glimpse into how I achieve my goals with my modern aesthetic planner.

modAmbition's modern aesthetic planner

If you want to get this luxury planner, just go to signup.modambition.com.

We’re doing a crowdfunding campaign to kickoff the brand, so there is a limited number of planners available and I should also mention that they will never be offered at this discount again, it’s only for the launch so be sure to get yours now. Signup.modambition.com

The content is written by me, a psychologist specializing in manifesting goals and I promise it will truly be an investment for your future and has been a game-changer for me.


I hope these tips help you in your process of setting meaningful life goals. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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