HABITS TO LEVEL UP ⬆️ IN 2024 ⎸ Getting back into a routine, habit forming hacks, + accountability

HABITS TO LEVEL UP ⬆️ IN 2024 ⎸ Getting back into a routine, habit forming hacks, + accountability

In the pursuit of a better life, everyone seeks shortcuts or hacks to level up and live abundantly. However, true transformation requires daily choices that align with your priorities. In this blog post, we'll explore uncommon habits and easy-to-do hacks that hold the power to boost energy, increase productivity, and bring more joy to your daily life. As a busy mompreneur and full-time neuropsychologist, I understand the importance of realistic and easy-to-implement habits.

Nurturing Your Gut for Overall Wellbeing

To truly level up and reinvent yourself, start by focusing on an often-overlooked aspect – your gut health. Scientific research reveals the profound impact of the gut microbiome on physical health, mood, energy levels, brain health, and even personality.

Here's how you can heal your gut:

Educate Yourself. Begin by reading insightful books such as "Plant Paradox," "I'm So Effing Tired," and "The Good Gut" to understand the principles of gut health.

Embrace High-Fiber Plant-Based Foods. Make 90% of your diet consist of high-fiber plant-based foods, including whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Incorporate Fermented Foods. Boost your gut health with fermented foods like kombucha and pickled onions, which introduce probiotics, prebiotics, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Eliminate Harmful Foods. Remove processed foods, dairy, added sugar, red meat, and alcohol from your diet to support a healthier gut.

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Creative Approaches to Mindfulness and Self-Care

If traditional mindfulness practices feel mundane, consider these creative approaches to incorporate self-care into your daily routine:

Try Mindful Coloring and Journaling. Engage in mindful coloring or journaling each night to stay present and grounded. This is particularly beneficial for those who struggle with stillness.

Connect with Nature. Spend time outdoors for at least five minutes daily to reap the numerous mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of being in nature.

Have Afternoon Ashwagandha Tea. Combat the afternoon slump with ashwagandha tea, an adaptogenic herb known for lowering inflammation and stress, thereby boosting energy levels.

Attend Therapy for Mental Wellness. Prioritize therapy as a means of self-reflection and mental health care. Consistent sessions can help address specific challenges and foster personal growth.

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Bring Sexy Back and Embrace Feminine Identity

Feeling sexy changes your energy and improves every aspect of your life - mind, body and spirit!

Rediscover and embrace your feminine sensuality with these habits:

Get Dressed Every Day. Make a conscious effort to get dressed daily, embracing your unique style and reclaiming a sense of confidence.

Do Vigorous Cardio and Pilates. Incorporate vigorous cardio and Pilates exercises into your routine to enhance physical well-being and boost overall vitality.

Capture the Moments. Take more pictures to document and appreciate the small, beautiful moments in your life.

Cultivate a Sensual Environment. Invest in cute pajamas and create a sensual environment that celebrates your feminine identity.

Financial Wellness

Balancing the books makes for a secure future. Maintaining financial stability is essential for overall well-being.

Consider these habits for financial wellness:

Do Family Budgeting. Create a family budget to manage expenses, save, and plan for future financial goals.

Do Business Budgeting. Implement a budget for your business to ensure financial success and stability.

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For Your Spiritual Nourishment

There’s nothing like connecting with the Divine for inner peace.

Nurture your spiritual well-being with these habits:

Attend Church Services. Regularly attend church services to connect with your faith community and find inner peace.

Listen to Morning Gospel Music. Start your day with uplifting gospel music to set a positive tone for the day.

Cultivate Family Prayer Time. Create a nightly routine of praying with your children, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection.

Incorporating these uncommon habits into your daily life can lead to a more balanced, energized, and joyful existence. Remember, there are no shortcuts to a better life – it's about making intentional choices every day that align with your values and priorities. Start your journey to abundant living by embracing these habits and creating a lifestyle that supports your overall well-being.

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