How to Actually Use Your Planner Consistently

How to Actually Use Your Planner Consistently

how to actually use your planner consistently

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!

How to Actually Use Your Planner Consistently

Using a paper planner can be life-changing, and save you from always feeling overwhelmed! The problem is most people aren’t using their planner consistently so they’re really missing out on all the yummy benefits like strategic planning, feeling more focused, and getting more done!


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If you’re tired of buying planners only to have them sit on a shelf, this episode is going to help you go from dreaming about being a planner girlie to actually consistently using planners! 


When I first became a mother my planning sessions were replaced with breastfeeding sessions but I used these tips to get back on track and now I am very happy to say that I am back consistently planning and my life is so much better for it.

how to use your planner consistently

This is an important topic for me to share with you because I know that there are so many people that have the best intentions with their planners and I know that planning can certainly help so many busy women but for a number of reasons it can be hard to stay on track. Whether it’s because life is hectic or because it can be hard to build new habits, it all comes down to not benefiting from a consistent planning routine that can help your life.

So let’s jump into how to actually use your planner consistently.

paper planning tips how to be consistent with planning

ONE: Make it Easy + Fun

  • Keeping planning simple at first with color coding and limited stickers
  • Make it pretty at the same time
  • Create a vibe when planning
  • Create a planning routine
  • Keep it visible throughout the day
  • Keep all your planning supplies in one place

TWO: Use a planner that works for you and is flexible.

Here’s what works for me!

  • Undated pages
  • All types of planning options
  • Larger pages


THREE: Track it. 


Using your planner consistently is a habit. And tracking your habits has been shown to help solidify them. 


Download your free planner habit tracker here, which includes helpful habit forming strategies:

 how to make using your paper planner a habit

Be sure to also listen to the podcast or watch on youtube to get more details on how to actually consistently use your planner:


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