How to Plan Travel Like A Pro + Travel Planner Download

How to Plan Travel Like A Pro + Travel Planner Download

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!

Ready for a trip? If your response was “real bad”, then this episode is for you. 

So, whether you are having a "hot girl summer" or "hot mom summer" like myself, this episode is going to help you travel like a pro and enjoy the abundance that comes with the blessing of being able to travel.

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Outside is back open and the girls are ready to travel! You know that planner in the group when you go on a girl’s trip? That’s me!

I remember going on a large group trip to Mexico for my 30th birthday and I had that trip planned down to a T. Yes, I’m sure some people rolled their eyes when they received my type A emails polling for events or sending itinerary drafts, but trust me, once everyone was there and having the time of their lives, they literally thanked me later. 

However, now that I am a mom, traveling is a whole different beast. I got my feet wet by traveling with Layla for road trips to Aspen and Vail, but it wasn’t until we flew to Texas with both my toddlers that I decided I needed to brush up on my travel planning skills. During the trip, I found myself not having some core essentials like entertainment and on the way back from Texas, my kids had an utter meltdown that resulted in us all crying on the plane, myself included. 

That’s when I took a DEEP dive into researching mom travel hacks and travel planning tips and products. We are going to France soon and I feel so much better prepared to make it a beautiful trip and stress-free as possible. 

Ok, imagine arriving to your destination stress-free with your summer braids or beach waves.

Imagine enjoying your trip and making the most of your time.

Imagine creating memories that make you cry tears of joy and not sadness.

I hope the tips in this episode help you do.

ONE: Plan

  • What’s most important to you about this trip?
  • What’s your intention for the trip
  • When it comes to what you want to do, prioritize according to your intention and then organize it for days that make the most sense
  • Include buffers for down time
  • Be flexible and resourceful
  • Come up with a list based on your intentions and priority activities
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    • It also helps to fully envision your trip in your mind to brainstorm items you might need.
  • Plan travel times that match your children’s schedules

TWO: Prepare

  • This the part where you are actually doing things to prepare for trip like packing. 
  • Packing cubes are your friend, especially clear ones. Being able to find what you need quickly while traveling is a must.
  • If it’s long trip, what can you have delivered or buy there?
  • Prepare for your return home before you leave
  • Create bags for different activities like a beach bag, or hiking bag
  • Travel Stroller
  • Reserve things ahead of time like preferred seating, car seat, fancy restaurant reservations
  • Have a designated space for things you buy that you want to pack

THREE: Execute

  • Stick to your kid’s routines
  • Have more snacks than you think you need
  • Focus on having fun and creating memories, not perfection
  • Bring new toys for airplane
  • Use your list when packing and check it before you leave
  • Set up shop and keep things organized. Keeping things neat and organized will help you feel more relaxed and enjoy your vacation. 

So those are my tips for traveling like a pro! :)

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        I hope these tips help you in your process of planning your next travel. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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