How to Prepare for The Week - My Weekly Prep Secrets

How to Prepare for the Week - My Weekly Prep Secrets

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!

Have you maybe tried to start a Sunday prep routine but cant get it to stick or find it overwhelming?

By the end of this episode, you will know my weekly prep secrets that make preparing for the week a breeze.

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Sometimes I see those Sunday prep videos on Instagram or TikTok and think to myself, “Geez that looks like so much work, isn’t the weekend supposed to be about rest and rejuvenation?”

And while I know what looks like unrealistic expectations for me can legitimately be someone else’s normal, I want to share my weekly prep secrets with you guys to offer you an approach to preparing for the week that doesn’t feel exhausting. Because I know if it isn’t something I can do without having to muster an exuberant amount of energy, then I won’t be consistent.

In episode 7 of the modAmbition podcast, I took a deep dive into how I prepare for the week using the second modAmbition pillar to having it all which is: Prepare. In that episode I explained the three tenets of this pillar which are: Empty, Refill, and Refresh.

In this episode, I want to talk about my secrets for preparing for the week that I don’t hear other people talking about.

ONE: I choose easy. I try to make things as easy as possible for myself when it comes to preparing:

  • Have a checklist
  • Batch. I have my husband cook all of the meal prep on the grill
  • Delegate: Get the kids to reset their own toys, get support from a babysitter, or even just divide tasks into roles between you and your partner.

TWO: Spread it out between Friday - Sunday

THREE: Weekend Prep does wonders too.

I learned this when my husband started traveling for work again.

FOUR: Meal Plan and Meal Prep on separate days

FIVE: Prep go-tos for when things don’t go according to plan

  • Have an extra frozen meal
  • Save us activity ideas
  • Extra evergreen content
  • Buffers in your schedule and even a buffer day

SIX: Never sacrifice sanity for preparation

  • You are capable to thrive in the future without having everything prepared
  • If it feels like you are sacrificing quality time to rest or take care yourself because you have given yourself so many tasks to complete over the weekend, back off and take a rest. 
  • This why the modAmbition Prepare pillar includes that crucial piece of refreshing.


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        I hope these tips help you in your process of preparing for the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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