How to Wake Up at 5am EVERYDAY ⏰

How to Wake Up at 5am EVERYDAY ⏰

How to Wake Up at 5am EVERYDAY ⏰


how to wake up early everyday


Do you want to wake up early to get stuff done, but the you can’t stop yourself from hitting snooze. And in that sleepy groggy moment you might even turn down a million dollars for a chance just to sleep one more hour? In this episode I’m going to share with you 10 evidenced based ways to wake up at 5 AM everyday so you can get more done and add more time to your day. 

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In this video, we're going to be talking about how to wake up at 5am every day. Waking up early can be a great way to increase your productivity, improve your mood, and achieve your goals. However, I understand that it can be difficult to establish a consistent wake-up time, especially if you're used to staying up late and sleeping in. 

As Thomas A. Edison once said, "The early morning has gold in its mouth." Here are some facts to back that up: studies have shown that waking up early can increase productivity, improve mental health, and even lead to better grades in school.

Now, let's dive into the tips:

how to wake up early

When I was in my twenties I used to hate the idea of anything routine. I thought it meant that life was boring and mundane. However, fast forward to me in my thirties as working mama and older millennial I love me a good routine. And I do not play about my sleep routine. Which is my first tip for you when it comes to waking up at 5AM everyday. 

Tip #1: Establish a regular sleep schedule. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including on weekends. According to a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research, people who maintain a consistent sleep schedule have better sleep quality and are more alert during the day. By establishing a regular sleep schedule, you can regulate your circadian rhythm and improve the quality of your sleep. This can help you overcome feeling tired and groggy in the morning so when that alarm clock goes off you are ready to go.

Ok hear me when I say Do not keep scrolling instagram, tiktok, or netflix before going to sleep, if you wanna establish a regular sleep schedule. Enter tip #2

Tip #2: Create a relaxing bedtime routine. This can include activities such as reading, taking a warm bath, or practicing relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing. According to a study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, a relaxing bedtime routine can help improve the quality of your sleep and reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. By creating a relaxing bedtime routine, you can calm your mind and prepare your body for sleep. This can help you actually implement tip number one to fall asleep at the same time consistently.  You will find that not only have a consistent 8 hour sleep stretch will make it easier to wake up, but if that hours is restful sleep you will pop up like kid on Christmas morning, or better yet Rennaisce ticket holder on concert day. 

Okay moving on. James Clear, the author of "Atomic Habits," emphasizes the importance of taking small, consistent steps when creating habits. He argues that small habits may seem insignificant at first, but they can have a powerful impact over time. By focusing on small, manageable changes, you can gradually build momentum and make lasting improvements.

goal planner

Tip #3: Make gradual changes to your sleep schedule. If you're used to waking up later, it can be difficult to suddenly switch to a 5am wake-up time. Instead, make gradual changes to your sleep schedule by waking up 15-30 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired wake-up time. This can help your body adjust to the new schedule and make it easier to wake up early.

“If you’ve been drinking more alcohol for the past 5 days,” I want you to stop. And add caffeine to that list as well because my next tip is:

Tip #4: Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Both of these substances can interfere with your sleep and make it harder to wake up early in the morning. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, consuming caffeine six hours before bedtime can reduce sleep quality and make it harder to fall asleep. Similarly, consuming alcohol before bedtime can disrupt your sleep and cause you to wake up feeling groggy and tired.

Ok, moving on, am I the only one that hates to fall asleep in a hot room? Or hates a warm pillow? This migh shock you, but the reason you can’t wake up in the morning may have little to do with your will power and more to do with your bad sleep environment.

Tip #5 is to: Create an environment that is conducive to sleep. This means keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet, and avoiding the use of electronic devices before bedtime. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, creating a sleep-conducive environment can help improve sleep quality and reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

You’ll notice that up until now most of these tips have been about sleep and what you do before even your alarm sounds. That’s because good sleep is the foundation of waking up early and energized. 

With that said, let’s talk about some other things that will make waking up at 5AM a breeze.

Here’s something you might not know: Most places around the world, the sun rises after 5AM which makes it harder to wake up to a dark room.

The time of sunrise varies depending on the location and the time of year, due to the Earth's rotation and the angle of the sun's rays. But her are some approximate sunrise times for different cities around the world on an average day:

  • New York City, USA: around 6:00 am
  • London, UK: around 6:30 am
  • Sydney, Australia: around 6:30 am
  • Tokyo, Japan: around 5:00 am
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: around 6:00 am
  • Cape Town, South Africa: around 6:30 am

So if you are living in Japan, lucky you! But for the rest of us, I have a tip that has been a game changer for me to wake up at 5AM everyday.

Tip #6: Use an alarm clock with a sunrise light. This can help establish a consistent wake-up time and regulate your circadian rhythm. According to a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research, using an alarm clock or wake-up light can help reset your circadian rhythm and improve the quality of your sleep. It can also help you overcome the pain point of struggling to wake up early in the morning.

Next, I want to share the a quick story with you to illustrate my next tip. Hal Elrod was a successful salesman and motivational speaker who had hit rock bottom. He was deeply in debt, his relationships were strained, and he was struggling with depression. One day, he was in a near-fatal car accident that left him with multiple broken bones, brain damage, and a 20% chance of survival.

During his recovery, Hal was inpsired to start waking up at 5am every day and dedicating an hour to personal development. He created a routine called the "SAVERS": Silence (meditation or prayer), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (journaling).

At first, waking up early was a struggle for Hal, but he persevered, and over time, he began to see dramatic changes in his life. He became more productive, more focused, and more positive. He paid off his debt, repaired his relationships, and overcame his depression. He also became a bestselling author and a sought-after speaker, inspiring others to transform their lives through the power of waking up early.

Today, Hal is a living testament to the transformative power of waking up early. His story is a reminder that no matter how bleak our circumstances may seem, we have the power to create positive change in our lives by making small, consistent changes to our daily routine.

Which brings me to Tip #7: Create a motivating morning routine. This can include activities such as exercise, meditation, or journaling. As Robin Sharma once said, "Win the morning, win the day." According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, people who engage in a morning routine that includes activities they enjoy are more likely to have a positive mood throughout the day. By creating a motivating morning routine, you can energize your body and mind and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. This can help you overcome the pain point of lacking motivation to get out of bed.

If you are a goal getter manifesting your dreams here are some things I suggest adding to your morning routine:

  • Reviewing your plan for the day
  • Setting your intention for the day and visualizing how you want it to go
  • Looking over your vision board
  • Reviewing your goals and focus wheel


Up next, is Tip #8: Stay consistent. Once you establish a regular sleep and wake-up time, try to stick to it as much as possible. Consistency is key when it comes to regulating your circadian rhythm and improving the quality of your sleep. I do have a video on why you can’t stick to new habits and how to change it which I will link for you below.

Ok Tip #9 is: Find an accountability partner. Having someone to hold you accountable can make it easier to stick to your wake-up time. Consider finding a friend or family member who also wants to wake up early and hold each other accountable.

There is a youtuber, Ashlyn Writes, who mentioned she wakes up early to work on zoom call with a fellow mompreneur and they don’t don’t talk they just work and hold each other accountable which I thought was a great idea. 

My next tip is to: Remember your why. Finally, it's important to remember why you want to wake up early. Whether it's to achieve your goals, have more productive mornings, or simply enjoy some quiet time before the day gets started, keeping your motivation in mind can help you overcome the challenges of waking up early.

So there you have it, 10 evidence-based tips for waking up at 5am every day. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." By following these tips, you can improve the quality of your sleep, increase your productivity, and achieve your goals.

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