LIFE CHANGING ROUTINES * To feel in control of your life *

LIFE CHANGING ROUTINES * To feel in control of your life *

LIFE CHANGING ROUTINES  * To feel in control of your life *

life changing routines how to start a daily routines

Hey Queen! It’s time to start living like it! Are you in your feelings about how disorganized your life is? Or maybe you’re feeling discouraged because you keep falling off with new habits that you’ve set for yourself? I know it can feel like a cycle of frustration when you can’t figure out why your life feels just a little bit chaotic.

Between taking care of tiny humans, drinking enough water, working out, checking on your strong friend, loving on your partner, praying, meditating, journaling, deciding on your next hair style, cooking EVERYDAY, keeping your house clean, and succeeding at work or business, or both, it can be ALOT!

In this episode I am going to show you exactly how to feel in control of your life by building a daily routine that can change your life for the better. Whether you have ADHD tendencies or find yourself in a life transition like going back to school, becoming a mom, or retiring, this episode will give you a path to reinvent yourself and live your life like the QUEEN that you are.

And, by the end of this episode you will know how to build a routine to feel in control of all areas of your royal life including your palace, your subjects, your reign, and for you, the Queen herself. Don’t worry I’ll explain all of these, plus I’ll share how to make sure you stick with these routines as well. Because after all, I truly believe you deserve to live like a queen, and these royal routines can help you put that on auto-pilot.

Let’s jump in!

life changing routines how to start a daily routines

ONE: Get Your Palace in Order

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and felt completely overstimulated and couldn’t pin point why? Ok, we all know the struggle of trying to keep a clean home and the overstimulation and stress that comes with a mess. But that doesn’t change the fact that it can still be a struggle to keep your home tidy even if you want to. Things like life events, raising kids, and even things like depression or ADHD can get in the way of our best efforts.

Which is why my first set of routines is to help you be the Queen of your castle!

And when it comes to managing our homes, cleaning is just the beginning. There’s also maintenance, meal planning, home repairs, yard work, and all those other projects we keep saying we’ll get to.

What if I told you there was a way to use a routine system that will have you feeling like your home is cleaning itself? Not only that, you’ll finally feel like THAT WOMAN that has control of her life.

Well it’s totally possible and it’s what has been saving me from chaos for years. 

Here’s my most recent cleaning routine that has changed my life. I should mention that much of this is taken from a book called the side tracked executives and the fly lady routine (which I learned from flylady Kat) 


  • Make my bed
  • Dishes - load in morning, run at lunch, unload at dinner
  • Laundry - a load mon-sat
  • Clutter Checks - after kids go to school, after lunch, after the kids go to bed
  • Don’t put it down, put it away
  • Shiny sink before bed

Weekly refresh

  • Sheets
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Showers/Tubs
  • Toilets
  • Small Trashes
  • Zone Cleaning  and decluttering


  • House cleaners
  • Monthly home project (usually done on the weekends)

Yearly Maintenance: 

  • Home binder (mention life organization video)

Remember this is my routine now that I have sleeping babies and I’m done with grad school. It has definitely fluctuated over the years and yours may be more or less intense than mine. 

The point is to personalize it and infuse it with habits you can commit to daily and weekly at a minimum. And remember these routines don’t have to be done just by you. Get your family involved and get help during busy seasons if you can afford it.

TWO: Keeping Your Subjects Happy

Moving on. This may shock you but being constantly side tracked not only affects things like your productivity, but it also affects your relationships. A recent study I found from PR newswire said that 25% of Americans don’t feel very connected to others and certainly intentionality plays a huge part in whether we can show up in relationships the way we’d like to.

My second set of small routines is all about keeping your “subjects” happy. Ok maybe subjects is a bit of stretch but you get the idea. These routines are all about maintaining the relationships in our lives so they don’t fall between the cracks

For me a large part of intentional living is not letting my introverted ways and ADHD tendencies get in the way of my values of connecting with people and nurturing my relationships with family and friends.

Here are the routines I have in my life to nurture my relationships with my people:


  • Extra time with my daughter learning to read. 
  • Personalize emails for humans
  • Dinner at the table together
  • Nightly Gratitude practice


  • Date night
  • Family facetime or call 
  • Family fun day
  • Kids wash day
  • Prepping kids clothes on Sundays


  • Kids activity - skiing, swim, gymnastics


  • Visit family - Texas or France 
  • Celebrating big milestones

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THREE: Your Royal Reign


Okay, so before I implemented routines into my workflow, there were many days I felt like a monkey on a typewriter just getting by with the bare minimum. Not to mention all those tasks like filing and checking emails always got pushed to the back burner. 

When I consciously started using a system of routines in my everyday work life, it was like someone saved me from drowning under a sea of dreaded to do tasks and work projects that there was just never enough time for. 

Which is why my 3rd set of routines I want to share with you are all about your reign as a Queen aka WORK ROUTINES

  • Wind up work routine: timer, alpha wave music, look at planner, emails
  • Take breaks
  • Wind down work routine - planner, task audit
  • Work zones/project work 15 minutes per day 

FOUR: Routines to take care of the QUEEN herself

Last but certainly not least, and actually first, are my Personal routines that I do to take care of myself mind, body, and Spirit. These routines are key to putting my manifestation on autopilot and enjoying my dream life

  • Get ready everyday
  • Review goals and vision board
  • Vision workshop
  • Gratitude practice
  • Prayer
  • Devotional
  • Hair and nails 

FIVE: Consistency is key!

Moving on, you might be wondering how to make these routines stick. Because let me tell you, queens are queens everyday. Consistency is key~

    • I love the quote by Robert Collier that says “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” 
    • Like I said, consistency is key. Taking small, but consistent actions, to creating the royal life we want will help you feel less overwhelmed in your journey and make getting there manageable and enjoyable. 
      • It’s like water wearing away stone. Each small drip of water contributes to massive change.
      • Think of it like the routines of nature: the routines of nature happen like clockwork with no days off. The sun always rises, the seasons always cycle, the tides always flow.
      • And don’t let perfectionism get in your way. Remember good enough is good enough, don’t let perfectionism kill your progress and keep you stuck. This is exactly why I stand by using a timer so I can be intentional about keeping these routines minimal and easy so I keep doing them.

  • Use placeholders on hard days.

  • habits and routines organizer

    I can’t stress enough how important consistency in your routines is, when it comes to living a royally intentional life. The ultimate key is to make the habits that make up your routines STICK. So I’ve tee’d up the video I did on on how to make your habits stick for you to watch next. 

    And until we court again Queen, Cheers to planning, manifesting, and enjoying your dream life and until next time Namaste!

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