Stop Feeling Tired All The Time! How to Have More Energy for Ambitious Women!

Stop Feeling Tired All The Time! How to Have More Energy for Ambitious Women!

Stop Feeling Tired All The Time! How to Have More Energy for Ambitious Women!

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, The Manifesting Psychologist and Founder of modAmbition!


Stop Feeling Tired All The Time! How to Have More Energy for Ambitious Women!

Are you tired all the time? Walking around feeling drained makes it so hard to get anything done.

Listen to this episode to learn how to go from exhausted to energetic.

By the end of this episode, you will know how to naturally have more energy, so you can thrive and get more done without feeling tired all the time.

Whenever I find myself feeling exhausted everyday, I try to check in on the things I’m going to share with you today and most of time I have fallen off track. As soon as I start implementing these things again into my lifestyle I always feel more energetic and revitalized. So the more you can make things part of your lifestyle the more effective they’re going to be.


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Feeling tired all the time can feel like going through life with a ball and chain weighing you down. You feel sluggish, and you find yourself almost dragging yourself from task to task.

So when you find ways to have more energy it can really feel like you’re being set free. You have the energy to get things done, your mood is better, and life just feels a little brighter. 

I think my worse experience with fatigue was becoming a mom.

The lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and round-the-clock caring for a newborn took me out okay. In that extreme season of tiredness, I realized how much exhaustion can affect your life. It’s a lot. And the worse part is it makes you feel like you aren’t your complete self. 

So for me, this is such an important topic because I know that having more energy is a powerful way to feel more alive and full of light. 

It’s also important to mention that feeling tired all the time can be an indicator of a serious health problem.

A recent article on referenced 4 commonly overlooked reasons for fatigue for women that I think are important to consider before jumping into some of the more general information:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart Problems
  • Anemia (Iron deficiency)
  • Liver Problems

So always consult with your doctor and make sure you are taking good care of yourself with medical care if you have access to healthcare. Especially, when it comes to feeling fatigued, start with a good check-up is definitely advised.

ONE: What to avoid

  • Excess caffeine (with the exception of JV)
  • Simple sugars - (So basic)
  • Heavy meals - (Sorry Texans)
  • Stress and mental health disorders (As a neuropsychologist, I see this first hand)
  • Your personal exhaustion triggers (What’s draining you?) And you may be like, “It’s my kids, Tiffany. I can’t avoid my kids.” And you’re right. And let just say I am right there with you. But you can find ways to decrease the energetic load of parenting like getting help or support. Or you could increase the things that make you feel energized when you are not in parent mode.

TWO: What to get more of

  • Complex Carbs - whole grains + starchy vegetables
  • Healthy Fats and Proteins - avocados, nuts, olive oils
  • Here are the nutrients to look for on the nutritional facts of your food. And these will be listed for you in the show notes. The Energy Nutrients Are: 
    • Magnesium, 
    • Potassium, 
    • B12, 
    • Vitamins A,C,D, E, 
    • Iron, Zinc, 
  • Water, _Hydration!
  • High Quality Sleep - Check out sleep episode
  • Refreshing breaks throughout the day

THREE: Now let’s use the modAmbition pillars to learn how to plan, prepare, and execute adding these things to your life

  • Multivitamin - vitamins
  • Supplements - 
    • DHA
    • COQ10Q
    • Vitamin D
    • Folate
    • B12
    • Iron 
    • Zinc
    • Tyrosine
    • Vitamin E
  • Calm supplement (I use hot water with mine and drink it as a hot tea or they also have a gummy version)
  • Use smoothies to get in extra nutrients. Here’s my current smoothie recipe. 
    • Bananas - Potassium +Mag, 
    • Orgain Organic Protein Powder - Protein and Iron
    • Berries - Vitamin k, Fiber, Antioxidants
    • Almond milk- Almonds packed with B vitamins which help your body convert food into energy,
  • Girl, stay hydrate. Here are my hydration hacks if you struggle to get in your water:
    • Cute thermos cups
    • Cups with straws, 
    • infused water, 
    • teas, 
    • a glass before coffee to habit stack
    • Coconut water.
  • Salads and bowls are actually cheat meals because they help you pack many nutrients for energy into one meal
    • For energy include things like beans, avocado, quinoa, lentils, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils
  • Energy snacks 
    • oatmeal bars and almond trail mix
  • Use your breaks to 
    • take walks, 
    • Take screen breaks
    • Refresh with deep breathing

So this is a lot of information. You are probably left wondering where to start. Here is what I suggest to get started on your path to more energy.

  1. Come up with a plan using these tips and write it down
  2. Start small
  3. Prioritize what you need most
  4. Enjoy taking care of yourself in this way

As a reminder the modAmbition planner is launching soon. I know it will help you be more productive and accomplish your goals. Please check it out at

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