12 Week Year Reset - 🍁 Plan the Quarter with Me ❄️ - Free Download

12 Week Year Reset - 🍁 Plan the Quarter with Me ❄️ - Free Download

12 Week Year Reset - 🍁 Plan the Quarter with Me ❄️ - Free Download

Free 12 week year template: 

🔗 12 week year score card and summary: https://www.modambition.com/pages/12-week-year-template  

12 week year free template

I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you haven’t reached your goals this year or you’ve fallen off track, it’s not because you’re lazy, weak, or even unmotivated… It’s because you don’t have the right system sis!

It’s not too late to make your 2023 goals a reality! The only problem is you need a system to get you there that actually works! Tune into this episode to learn how to start taking the aligned actions to finish the year strong and achieve whatever you set out for!

Watch the full YouTube video here:

12 week year reset

  1. Tune into your inner Miss Cleo and have a vision! Revisit your vision, and moon goals!
  2. Do you find yourself falling into the same pitfalls that steer you off track with your goals? Before you dive into planning this quarter, use reflection to help you not make the same mistake twice. Reflect on last quarter

12 week year reset with free template

Now let’s shoot for the stars. We are going to capitalize on the urgency of not only starting a new 12 week year but leaning into the urgency of it being the last 12 week year of the quarter. I want you to truly plan this quarter thinking about how you can SUSTAINABLY give your most spectacular effort to reach your goals in this last 12 weeks. 
    • Close your eyes and envision yourself on January 1st beaming with pride for yourself.
    • Plan New Quarter
plan the quarter 12 week year reset
Okay are you ready to hear how to actually reach these goals you’ve now set for yourself in only 12 weeks? You are going to plan your execution
  1. Plan your execution
    • Develop Monthly Priorities/Lag 
    • And SMART Lead Goals stated in the positive with accountability
  2. Ok these next reminders from the 12 week year book are what is going to catapult your success and keep you on track!
    1. Reminders
      1. 3 hour strategic time block
      2. Buffer blocks
      3. 3 hour break out block
      4. Score keeping 85% (Accountability Meeting)

🔗modAmbition planner: https://www.modambition.com/products/modambition-goal-planner 

🔗 12 week year score card and summary: https://www.modambition.com/pages/12-week-year-template  

🔗 habits and routines organizer: https://www.modambition.com/pages/habits-and-routines-organizer

modAmbition goal planner plan the last 12 week year of 2023 with me

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