7 Ways To Reset for The New Quarter

7 Ways To Reset for The New Quarter

7 Ways To Reset for The New Quarter

 7 Steps to Reset Your Life A Checklist for Success

It’s that time of the year when the sparkle of new year’s goals has worn off and you may be feeling like you’ve strayed from your goals, or maybe you’re just ready to level up as you move into this next quarter. Today, I will share with you some tips on how to go from stuck in mediocrity to revitalized and ready to take on this new quarter.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, neuropsychologist, published author, and founder of modAmbition. I post every week about how to plan, manifest, and enjoy your dream life. If you’re into that, hit that subscribe button.

By the end of this blog, you’re going to know how to hit reset for the new quarter so you have the energy and focus you need to slay your goals and live with more joy this quarter. The strategies I’m going to share with you fall into three categories: reset, refresh, and recharge.

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To start, let’s romanticize the story of your life. Whatever saga was written in the last quarter of your life, it’s time to turn the page and reset in this brand new chapter. First, you let’s start with reset:

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    1. Reflect: Before you open up Notion or put pen to paper in your planner, I want you to stop, drop, and reflect. Start your new chapter by first reflecting on last quarter and your yearly goals. Change any goals if needed. Reflect on successes and failures. Reflect on abundance, good memories, and favorites of the quarter. Use the modAmbition planner to review your yearly goals and use built-in prompts to reflect on your quarter.

    2. Plan: If you feel scattered or overwhelmed as you set out to attract your larger than life goals, then as tell my 2-year-old, it’s time to put on your listening ears because this next reset tip is what you’ve been searching for. Now that you have a good grasp of where you’re coming from, and where you want to go, I want you to plan your next quarter. Consider your season of life, your priorities, and your yearly goals. Utilize the modAmbition planner to do this with guided support and to easily implement strategies from the book 12-week year. The modAmbition planner was intentionally designed to be a desktop planner with pages large enough for ambitious women with full lives and big goals. Also, unlike most planners, it comes with a binder system to allow you to easily add any additional planning inserts as well as well utilize our refill inserts which makes it a more sustainable and affordable planner option.

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    1. Aligned Actions: Next, I do not want you to make this mistake when planning your quarter: not taking aligned actions. This can sink your ship before you even set sail. Incorporate actions that are aligned with your higher Spirit, yearly goals, and life values.

    2. Resolidify Routines: Some of you might disagree, but reaching your goals is so easy if you have the right routines and systems. Which is why my third reset tip for you is to resolidify your routines. If you’ve fallen off with your routines, this is your opportunity to get back on the horse and start fresh. “When people don't have a routine or structure to their day, it can cause increased stress and anxiety, as well as overwhelming feelings, lack of concentration, and focus.” — RACHEL GOLDMAN, PHD. According to verywellmind.com, “Having a regular routine can help you: Lower stress levels, Form good daily habits, Take better care of your health, Feel more productive, and Feel more focused. Identify what wasn’t working and triggers that made you fall off track and how you can get back on track.

    3. Refresh After resetting and planning, it's time to refresh. And one of the best ways to do that is by adding something new to your life. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try or learn? Maybe a new hobby or a new skill? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to meet new people and expand your social circle. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to add something new to your life. By doing something new, you'll be stimulating your brain and creating new neural pathways, which can help increase your creativity and productivity.
    4. Recharge Lastly, it's time to recharge. And there are three things you can do to recharge: rest, restore, and rejuvenate. Rest: Make sure you're getting enough sleep and taking regular breaks throughout the day. Restore: Make time for activities that help you feel restored, like meditation, yoga, or spending time in nature. Rejuvenate: Take care of your physical health by eating well, staying hydrated, and getting regular exercise.

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By incorporating these three R's into your life, you'll be able to recharge your battery and approach this new quarter with renewed energy and focus.

12 week year planner template

In conclusion, if you're feeling stuck in mediocrity, it's time to hit reset and revitalize yourself for this new quarter. By reflecting on your goals, planning your next steps, adding something new to your life, and taking care of yourself through rest, restoration, and rejuvenation, you'll be able to slay your goals and live with more joy. Remember, you are the author of your own life, and this is just the beginning of a brand new chapter. Let's make it a great one!


As promised, I do have a free resource for you to help you smash your goals this quarter. Check below for a link to my 12 Week Year Template - It’s a free printable that includes a summary of the book 12 Week Year, and a template to help you implement it. 


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