how to be disciplined

Do you find it easy to make plans but find it hard to stick with them? Are you maybe ready to start your health journey or business journey but you don’t know how to be consistent?

This isn’t going to be one of those fluff videos talking about discipline as if you have all the time and energy in the world. I’m a full time neuropsychologist, business owner, wife, and mom of toddlers so the advice I’m going to share not only do I know it works, but it will work for even the busiest of people. It will also be perfect with anyone that has ADHD tendencies or is a recovering perfectionist because I’ve set fire to toxic productivity culture that is unrealistic and burning us all out.

Whether you are a busy full time working mom, or a busy student, or even an ambitious woman juggling all the things, this video is going to give you straight to the point information to help you stick to what you plan, be consistent with your goals, and finally show up for yourself in a disciplined way.

And guess what? As a result of being more disciplined I bet you will feel less anxious, more in control, and you’ll finally be able to get out of that slump you’ve been in. 

Discipline is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go.

how to be more disciplined and consistent

Where are you going?- Destination: Dream Life

Nobody's really talking about how important the goal setting process is when it comes to staying disciplined. It can truly make or break your consistency. This is because discipline and consistency starts with a firm vision of where you want to go. 

  • Goal planning
    • Define the vision you have for your goals
    • Know your why behind your goals (use the modAmbition goal planner to help you using achievement psychology)
  • Consider using the strategies in the book the 12 week year
    • Free template linked below
    • A system for your goals
      • Don’t listen to the adage “systems not goals”
      • Silly rabbits, you need both
    • Implementation Strategies - 
      • Imagine overcoming obstacles
    • While also K.I.S.S. - keeping it simple in your day to day mantras 
      • Word of the Year will help keep you focused
  • Infuse discipline into your identity
    • Tony Robbins said: “The most powerful force in the human psyche is people's need for their words and actions to stay consistent with their IDENTITY - how we define ourselves.”
    • Integrity - Doing the right thing, even if no one is watching!
    • Reframe discipline and consistency as showing up for yourself

goal planner 90 day planner


Building the Bridge - 4 DIRT SIMPLE ways to stay consistent

Ok so you know where you want to go, you have a plan to get there, but how did you stick with what you’ve planned to reach these goals. I know all too well that shameful cycle of making plans, starting off with a bang, falling off with a harder bang, burning out, feeling bad about myself and restarting the whole toxic cycle. That was until I started researching self-discipline and learned these 4 DIRT SIMPLE ways to stay on top of your goals. 

  • 1. Don’t give up

    • Place holders- this is how you will stay consistent even when you aren’t feeling motivated.
      • Forget perfectionism
      • Good enough is good enough will set you free
      • And sometimes just showing up is enough
    • Keep getting back on the horse, it will stick
    • Paulo Coehlo said: “You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit.” —Paulo Coelho
    • Know that it will take time, don’t expect overnight changes.
    • If you fall off track, don’t try make up for lost time, just pick up where you left off and restart
  • 2. Fall in love with delayed gratification by breaking your journey into milestone instant gratification stages

    • Focus on the first step so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • 3. Accountability - Join me each Friday for an accountability meeting

    • From the 12 week year: “You are 7 times more likely to be successful if you participate in some form of peer support. There was a study conducted with patients that had severe medical conditions that required lifestyle changes in order to live. What they found is that when patients attended group support sessions that their success rate was nearly 7 times higher. The groups not involved in peer support had a 10% success rate. Those participating in support had a 77% success rate. The lesson is clear, if you are facing change, don’t go it alone. A WAM (Weekly Accountability Meeting) is a critical element of your execution process. This is a short meeting (15 – 20 minutes) typically held on Monday morning with a small group of peers that have all agreed to support, challenge, and encourage one another. “
    • Habit tracking is another great form of accountability 
  • 4. Ignoring temptations

    • Replacements
    • Removing temptations
    • Don’t make decisions in the moment, stick to the plan
      • Act on commitments not emotions
      • The hardest time is the first two minutes
      • Don’t negotiate with yourself, learn to recognize negotiating self talk
      • Kobe Bryant on self-negotiation: 
    • Optimize your wellness to increase will power
      • Decrease stress
      • Get more sleep
      • Get more brain fuel (nutrients)


how to be disciplined

Enjoying the Walk - Say goodbye to toxic productivity 

Don’t forget though, it’s not just about crossing this disciple bridge to get to your goals, it’s also about enjoying the walk. The problem is when we go so hard on being disciplined that it’s at the sacrifice of our well being. That does not a sustainable hustle make. And in fact toxic productivity will take you back to where you started, far aways from reaching your ultimate goals.

So what is toxic productivity?

  • Workalholicism
  • Obsessing about being productive
  • Tying your self-worth to your achievements

  • Incorporate self-compassion to avoid burn out
  • Account for being human
    • Example 5 out of every 6 videos
  • Will power is finite not infinite
    • Some days will be better than others (the walk across the bridge is not linear)
    • Incorporate self-compassion to avoid burnout
    • Break out blocks
    • Set up your environment for success so you won’t have to use so much will power
    • Preserve your will power for the hard things

Cheers to planning, manifesting, and enjoying your dream life and until next time Namaste!

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