How to set goals for 2024 - Goal Setting Tips

How to set goals for 2024 - Goal Setting Tips

How to set goals for 2024 - Goal Setting Tips

how to set goals

Too many people these days are turned off by goals. Whether it’s because they are tired of setting goals that never turn into reality or they just find the whole process overwhelming, it’s seems goal setting has gotten a bad wrap over the years.

But the truth remains, if you’re anything like me, you want to continuously grow and you certainly don’t want to become complacent in life. 

Which is why, by the end of this video I assure you that your goals will flow out of you naturally, so much so that it will feel like your goals are almost automatically POURING out of you. 

I’m a neuropsychologist whose done tons of research on achievement psychology, and I even had a business coaching dozens of women to turn their dreams a reality.

And one thing I know for sure I am an expert at is goal setting and goal achievement.

And so I want to share a goal setting process with you that will ultimately help you be the vessel by which goals flow from your Highest Self, so you can:

  • Get out of your own way
  • Listen to your true self 
  • And become a better you while creating a better world

Let's get started

how to set goals for 2024

In the pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment, setting goals is a pivotal step. However, merely jotting down aspirations may not be enough; a comprehensive approach that encompasses the spirit, mind, and body is essential. Let's delve into a transformative goal-setting process that not only defines objectives but also aligns with your innermost desires.

Spirit - Igniting the Joyful Spirit:

Our journey begins by tapping into the spirit, feeling the joy within, and vibrating at a higher frequency. Embracing abundance over lack, we draw inspiration from a reset routine and explore the emotions we wish to carry into 2024. Even in moments of burnout or sadness, we learn to decipher the messages hidden within our emotions, allowing them to guide our goals towards what we truly need.

  • Vibrate High
  • Come from a place of abundance not lack
  • Try to access feelings you want to bring into 2024
  • But what if you're burned out, stressed out, or just plain sad?
    • Use your emotions, what are these emotions trying to tell you, and focus your goals around what you need most
    • Emotional Guidance Scale

Mind - Cultivating a Faithful Mind:

The mind plays a crucial role in goal setting, requiring conscious effort to define objectives the right way. This process is grounded in truths, research, and lived experiences. We explore the realms of psychology, beliefs, motivation, values, and the Law of Attraction. Spoiler alert: The overarching tenet is seeking joy, aligning with the philosophy of enjoying the journey rather than fixating on destinations.

  • Do the Conscious Work to define your GOALS - the right way

    • So this Goal Defining Process is based on a gamet of truths, research, and lived experience:
      • Psychology (beliefs, motivation, values, Intention), Law of Attraction (desire, gratitude, radical acceptance), 
    • The overarching tenet is to seek joy - shout out to Abraham Hicks - “You are here for the joy of being here”. We aren’t here to get things, or even get one certain destination. We are here to enjoy the journey. So remember who you truly are and what really matters
      • Your joy is your compass, it is the ultimate signal of your most divine desires. Our true self sends us signals through our emotions, (positive and negative emotions are all just signals) and joy is your Spirits way of saying you are on the right path, this is the direction to take
      • Ronald L. Blanks - Goals of out desperation vs. inspiration
        • Example:
          • I want my side business to be successful so I can pay off this debt and quit this job that I desperately hate - notice the desperation and resistant
          • I want to create a thriving business that I enjoy and that helps people so that I can enjoy the journey to paying off my debt or
          • I want to find a way to get more fulfillment and meaning from my work
      • So pay attention to how you feel when setting a goal
        • Do it for the pleasure of it (for you and only you)
        • Pro tip: If you notice resistance be more general or find a goal that serves the joy and the value the resistant goal is getting at, or take yourself out of it first and focus on how it will help others
  • So let’s get practical:

    • START BIG- Start with 5 year and 10 year goals - Audacious, Sun Goals (Solar system imagery)
    • Then move into your yearly Moon Goals (solar system imagery)
      • Review 5 pages of goal planner - “People who don’t write down goals are less likely to achieve them”
        • Based on gratitude
        • Spiritual Alignment
        • Values
        • Focus Wheel
        • Increasing Motivation

This is all in the modAmbition Goal Planner:

  • Don’t forget it - Create a Visual and Verbal Cue
    • Create a vision (Visual)
    • Create a word of the year (Verbal)

Body - Aligned Action:

To materialize these goals, we must take aligned action. Develop a strategy and plan using the 12-week year model, ensuring SMARTER goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Evaluated, and Rewarded. Create a visual representation of your goals and establish a word of the year for verbal reinforcement.

  • Create a Strategy + Plan 12 - week year

    • Plan the quarter
    • SMARTER goals
      • Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Evaluate, Reward
    • 12 week Year scorecard
  • Create a system

    • Develop Habits + Routines to support your SMART goals
    • Atomic Habits 
    • Habits and Routines Organizer

As we navigate this holistic approach to goal setting, remember that it's not just about achieving milestones but enjoying the journey. Align your spirit, mind, and body towards goals that resonate with your true self, allowing joy to be the guiding force in your transformative pursuit of personal growth.

how to set goals goal setting tips



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