PRODUCTIVE EVENING ROUTINE ⎸ 9-5 after work routine ⎸ How to reset after work

PRODUCTIVE EVENING ROUTINE ⎸ 9-5 after work routine ⎸ How to reset after work

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, neuropsychologist, published author and founder of modambition

PRODUCTIVE EVENING ROUTINE ⎸ 9-5 after work routine ⎸ How to reset after work

Do you want to feel stress free, peaceful, and relaxed when you finally end your day and lay down to rest but instead you feel exhausted or even anxious? Sometimes it can feel like we’re always busy and rushing all day with our minds constantly racing, so no wonder so many people have trouble unwinding. Before I had a consistent evening routine, the end of the day felt like running into a brick wall and I barely had enough energy to just feed my family and crawl into the bed to zone out in front of a screen.

Then one day I decided that wasn’t enough for me. I remembered times before I had kids that my evenings were the key to my productive days. As the famous quote says, “A productive morning starts the night before” - unknown.

I yearned to have that type of self-love back in my life and I craved rituals and routines that weren’t just about achieving or manifesting but about taking care of myself in a way that allowed me to keep showing up as my best self. After having babies back to back, it was crucial that I found a way to not only start the day prioritizing myself, but to end it that way as well. 

My evening routine has evolved to be a self-love dance. A flow with a reliable rhythm as calming as ocean tides, a beautiful ritualistic dance: calm and soul nourishing. Think of it as a poetic dance made up of different 8 counts or micro-rituals rehearsed everyday to show yourself the love you deserve.

I hope you enjoy this peak inside my calm evening routine that sets me up for a productive morning.

Tip #1: Wind Down (work routine)

  • Back planning
  • Revelation notes
  • An article on evening routines for The Science of People said, “Benjamin Franklin reflected in his memoirs that he had a classic way he’d approach his evening routine. At the beginning of every day, he would ask himself, “What good could I do today?” At the end of his day, he would ask himself again, “What good did I do today?”
  • Notes about the next day
  • Input meetings or calendar changes

Tip #2: Close Up

  • Laundry
  • Backyard
  • Cook
  • Dinner
  • Bath
  • Bedtime
  • Close down kitchen and living room
  • Magnesium

Tip #3: Turn in

  • Start at set time (7:00; two hours before bed time)
  • Skincare
  • Dental hygiene
  • Shower, bath, or screen time
  • Read or color if I’m a bit anxious (30 minutes)
  • Gratitude and favorite moments
  • Visualization workshop
  • Breathing and body scan
  • Sleep by 9-9:30


I hope this inspires you on your own journey to a consistent evening routine. And I leave you with this, if you struggle with staying consistent evening self-care due to day to day burnout it may be fueled by limiting beliefs beliefs of not enough. You may not be saving enough energy and time for yourself fueled by a fire that if you are not careful to tame will burn you to the ground. 

Your evening routine is more than frivolous self-care or vanity. It's a testament to being worthy enough for care and a safe guard to remind yourself that sustainable pace is good enough. You are doing enough. 

You are enough!

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