Step into Your Rich Woman Era - Mindset shifts + habits to live a life of ABUNDANCE

Step into Your Rich Woman Era - Mindset shifts + habits to live a life of ABUNDANCE

step into your rich woman era wealthy woman mindset financial abundance

step into your rich woman era wealthy woman mindset financial abundance

Step into Your Rich Woman Era

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Shelton Mariolle, neuropsychologist, published author and founder of modambition

There’s a lot of talk about stepping into this era that era but can we please talk about stepping into your rich woman era?

I want you to tune into this episode to learn how to go from struggling and surviving to unlocking a life of financial abundance that you truly deserve.

By the end of this episode, not only will you know how I transformed my own life and stepped into my own rich woman era, but I’m going to give you the exact steps to dive into this chapter in your own life and cultivate the rich woman energy needed to attract your financial abundance with ease.


step into your rich woman era wealthy woman mindset financial abundance


Some of you guys know I am the manifesting psychologist and I’ve worked with many clients to help them manifest love, babies, and even financial success. And one of the things that I know for sure after working with so many women to manifest their dreams, is that stepping into a new era in your life requires a manifestation mindset that thankfully I’ve gotten down to a science. You certainly deserve a life of financial ease and I’m excited to share with you how to open yourself to the abundance God has for you.

Before we get started there are two disclaimers I just want to set forth at the beginning of this episode to make sure were on the same page. The first disclaimer is I got this title in this video idea from two creators on YouTube I didn’t watch the videos but I was doing some research when deciding on this video and I did see these titles so I want to get these two women credit Elicia Goguen and Montelle Bree. Secondly, I think it’s important for you to decide and define what it means to step into a rich woman era for yourself before taking any of the advice in this video. That could be helpful to firstly think about what does being a rich woman mean to you and even possibly specifically defining how much a rich woman makes to you and how much is truly enough for you financially to feel comfortable and to feel happy that you are living your best life you can provide for your love ones you can leave a legacy you can contribute to the world in a better place because that could be different for all of us and how we actually define what it is to be a rich woman.

Firstly, I want you to tap into your inner Hillary Banks and claim your financial entitlement.

Just like Hillary Banks, as you step into this wealthy woman era you want to have the mindset that financial abundance is your birthright and leave scarcity thinking in the rearview mirror. The first thing you want to do when it comes to entering your rich people tout the benefits of an abundance mindset, but they don’t usually tell you how to make that shift. They tell you to not think in scarcity or not to think in lack but they fail to tell you how to get from a place of survival mentality to shifting to thinking and abundance when you may not have an example for that or you may have experienced financial traumas in the past that make it hard for you to trust and abundance. Don’t worry I got you I’m going to tell you how to make that shift even if you have situations in your past that make it hard for you to think and abundance mindset. In fact, I’m going to share with you the exact formula I give to my students in my program Dream Life Academy when it comes to developing a faithful mind that breeds abundance thinking. And in that module in my program I teach my clients ways to develop an abundance mindset: 

The first way involves things that you can do to develop this mindset and the second way involves understanding the flow of abundance.

So let’s start with what you can do to develop an abundance mindset’s. Here are three exercises that you can do to cultivate what I like to call abundance now thinking:

  •       Create a vision board and look at it every day.
  •       Practice the law of attraction scripting exercise
  •       Utilize the Abraham Hicks visualization workshop method
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All of these activities will help your brain wrap around your abundance now instead of thinking about it as some future event that’s gonna happen to you. In doing so the more aligned you are with your abundance now, according to the law of attraction, the more you will attract of it.

Now let’s discuss understanding the flow of abundance so your brain can further wrap around this concept and easily lean into abundance thinking.

So let’s use the metaphor of going on a journey to a beach. In this metaphor your journey is the journey to manifesting what you want and the beach is getting to where you want to be or getting what want. Now I’ve explained in many other videos how the journey of manifesting works and how to enjoy that journey and how it’s all about the journey and enjoying that journey, so I won’t go too much into the mechanics of manifesting using this metaphor but I will use this metaphor and go into detail into how the flow of abundance works and specifically what stops the flow of abundance and what stops us in our tracks along the way.

Okay so let’s say you are going along this journey on a road trip to your abundance the first thing that I want to talk about the can stop the flow of your abundance is getting stuck or you can think about this as potholes and our analogy of this road trip. And what this means the real life is that you get stuck with low vibration holding pattern so think things like burnout, anxiety, or even things like a holding pattern of depression. In turn the solution to this problem if this is stopping your flow of abundance is to vibrate high into really figure out how can you have the tools to be in a good mood and attracts more abundance as a results. The second thing that can get in your way or stop you in your tracks on this journey to attracting your financial abundance is obstacles or you can think of these things as roadblocks on your journey to financial abundance. What this translates to in life are things like resistance or limiting beliefs. So you may know what you want but you have some underlying resistance or limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to take that next step forward and attracting the financial abundance that you deserve. So the solution in this instance is to really work on your underlying beliefs to do to overcome limiting beliefs and more aligned with the positive lease that you have about attracting and maintaining financial abundance. The third thing that can stop the flow of abundance and stop you in your tracks on your journey to manifesting financial abundance is what I like to call running on fumes. And in real life this translates to manically forcing or manically trying to manifest what you want by trying to control the journey and forcing things to try to work for you instead of letting things organically a flow by working in a co-creation process with your higher power. And lastly, another thing that can stop the flow of abundance and stop you in your tracks when manifesting your rich woman era is being on the side of the road. What this means in real life is taking on aligned actions or or being paralyzed and not taking actions towards what you want at all. If you’re taking unlined actions as may look like being constantly being busy but you’re never really getting any closer to what you want because your actions are missed attuned, unaligned, and not strategically moving you closer to what you want. And if you’re not taking any actions that’s pretty straightforward you’re kind of sitting on the sidelines just thinking about what you want to do to get to your abundance for your not actually really doing anything.

Next up, in my Wendy voice: Denial is a river in Egypt.

You are thinking in an abundance mindsets and you’ve let go of scarcity thinking. It’s time to stop being in financial denial and get crystal clear on your finances. If you are making the transition to stepping into your rich woman era, you better believe that this version of yourself knows her finances in and out. She’s not in denial about how much debt she has paid off or is in, and she definitely has a great Birdseye view on her income, revenue, investments, and savings.

I certainly remember there have been times in my own life before I stepped into my own abundance era where I lived in denial about my finances, and this directly contributed to me being stuck in a cycle of a financial rut. I was so focused on surviving and just making it to the next week or the next months, and I was really afraid to look at my finances because I was always in fear of not having enough and I didn’t want to face that reality. But the truth of the matter was that not looking at those things made me go further into debt because I wasn’t aware of what I did and did not have and I couldn’t make smart decisions because I just wasn’t clear on the larger picture of my finances. My financial life started to change for the better not only when I started making more money and becoming more successful but also when I was able to develop a consistent approach to always knowing where I’m at financially and overcoming that fear of looking at the numbers. So if you have a fear of looking at your finances or you're really unsure of the full picture of where you stand financially, it’s time to face that fear so that you can step into this new era with full consciousness and awareness of what you’d like to improve upon.

This leads into my third tip for you when it comes to entering into your rich woman era which is to get good at money.

What I mean by this is to educate yourself on personal finance so that you can be your own guru when it comes to increasing your income, saving, investing, and being financially free. I have a whole money magnet book list which I will link in the below with all the books I recommend on personal finance including books like Get Good with Money and The Money Game. Unfortunately, financial literacy is not something they teach us in school unless you went to school for economics or business school and reading these books that I shared with you as well as things like podcasts and other forms of content have really empowered me to have the knowledge to be the rich woman I always wanted to be.

Money Magnet reading list: 

Ok it’s time to pull out that calculator ma’am. Another thing that can help you step into your rich woman era is to develop a budget and bookkeeping routine. In my own personal life, me and my husband have a budgeting routine that we do in a weekly meeting, and for my business I have a bookkeeping routine as a part of my CEO block days where I routinely take a look at my finances and balance the books. I’m going to be honest and tell you that this is not always an easy thing for me to do, like many people I hate hate hate accounting and bookkeeping and I’m certainly more of a creative person than a number cruncher. But one of the things that has made it easier for me to stick to this routine is to stay connected to my why, which is to stay abreast of my financial situation and to be able to make good business decisions. As well as, I know that if I stay on top of it takes me maximum 15 minutes; whereas if I let it go then it takes me much much longer. And you also may find it helpful to play around with the forms in which you budget meaning paper versus digital. You may find that it’s easier for you to budget using paper even in this modern technology day if you are a more concrete person. On the other hand, you may find it easier to work in a digital system if you have a lot of things to track. If you are new to budgeting and looking for some help on personal budgeting and organizing your money I definitely recommend checking out the channel the organized money on YouTube.

Next up, in honor of Rihanna’s recent Super Bowl performance I want you to make your money work, work, work, work, work.

And specifically, I want you to make your money work for you. Now you learn more about this in your ventures to increase your financial literacy from tip number three above, but I think it’s important to mention on its own that stepping into your rich woman era will require getting a full grasp on your preferred methods to save and invest. In this chapter of stepping into your wealthy woman energy, you become more and more accustomed to the fact that once you get things going when it comes to financial abundance it really is a flow and things should be working for you not necessarily you working for everything.

Similarly my six tip when it comes to leaning into your rich woman era, is to develop multiple streams of income.

So this may include your saving in and investing from the previous tip, but hopefully it also includes other methods of income generation that can support those efforts. So for instance for me outside of my savings and investments I also am a neuropsychologist, a published author, and I have my own business on ambition where we sell Google planners and stationery. My biggest tip when it comes to income outside of your savings and investments is to choose efforts that you’re passionate about so that you can enjoy the work that you’re doing to generate this income. This leads me to my next tip.

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Now a lot of yall aren’t going to like this next one, but you need to hear it.

Kim Kardashian was right! Okay wait to hear me, out here me out. I think she was 100% right when she said you need to get off your ass and work. And I think with kicking out the hustle culture we can’t dump the baby with the bathwater. Between Abraham Hicks audios professing money flows to us with ease, Beyoncé singing about quitting our job, and the countless soft life blogs on your timeline we can start to feel like we must be doing something wrong if our income isn’t passive or easy. But let me tell you something- Esther Hicks works. (A lot, trust me she’s on cruises, doing talks, writing books, sending emails, etc.). Beyoncé puts in work. Have you seen her documentaries? And those soft life blogs our work. Trust me the editing alone on those is light work.

So while yes, money can flow to you effortlessly, it takes work to get that flow going. Let’s use a river of abundance as a metaphor. While a river of abundance flows downstream effortlessly there’s a whole lot that happens to create that river. From evaporation to transpiration to condensation to precipitation to snow melt run off to surface runoff to create that river downstream.

Now this doesn’t mean you work without self compassion or sustainability in mind. And in fact if you love what you do you and get support the work may not even feel laborious all the time. But it’s important to remember that at times, it will, and that’s okay. Success requires lots of work that at times is hard but certainly worth it. The secret is to make your work and organic flow. And you can do this by using routines and systems, optimizing your time, accepting the season that you're in, and getting into a flow state when you’re working.

And I like to point out that there’s a difference between hard work and suffering. Suffering includes this sort of struggling and forcing. The Buddhist definition of suffering is pain plus nonacceptance. So if your work goes beyond hard work and is falling into the realm of suffering, there’s likely a lack of acceptance that something isn’t right about the work that you’re doing and you haven’t taken the actions to either move on to something that’s better for you were to figure out how to get out of that situation. For instance I’ll give you guys a story that will perfectly illustrate the difference between the two.

 In my previous business Conscious Life Shop I was definitely struggling and forcing and as a result suffering. There were so many instances in my journey in that business that the universe was trying to tell me to pivot it that this wasn’t the right business for me but instead of accepting that, I was trying to force it to work and every time I would get over one obstacle in the business another one would rear its ugly head. 

And nothing came easy about that business. The financing to get it started didn’t flow easily, the logistics were a nightmare, people were ripping me off on my design left and right, and it quickly turned from persevering and learning and growing to straight up suffering. It was beyond just being hard work, it wasn’t an organic flow and the universe was sending me signal after signal that the vibe just wasn’t right.

Fast forward to my new business modAmbition, yes it requires hard work and there have been bumps along the way but there has been an energetic flow and organic process to this business that is so much different to my previous business. The funding to get this business started flowed effortlessly. I found customers more easily. The content is more organic to my lifestyle. And even when I faced challenges like the kick starter last year, pivoting and moving on in the business has been very organic.

So I’m just here to tell you all the truth that the girlies have been gatekeeping the truth about soft life while it may not include suffering, it definitely includes work.

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